Sump Pump Installation – What You Need to Know?

Sump Pump Installation – What You Need to Know?

What is a sump pump?

what is sump pump

what is sump pump

A sump pump is a drainage-tile system that is placed under the floor of you’re basement that channels water into a pit.

What does a sump pump do?

Some houses depending on location, climate conditions, and building structure. Have a unavoidable problem with flooding from the bottom up due to natural weather and environment conditions. A sump pump provides somewhere for that water to go other then into your home.

How do I know if a sump pump is right for me?

If you have a serious or just annoyingly minor problem with water getting into your basement there are certain elements of your home you need to check to first identify if you have a flooding issue due to needing a sump pump, or just a overlooked minor issue that can be prevented by locating an fixing the problem.

So before assuming you need a sump pump check all drainage installed on or around your home. Unclog all clogged gutters, downspouts dispose of runoff water at least 4 feet away from your homes foundation. And all soil around the foundation of your home downslides at least 3 feet. *The downslide facing away from your home. If you have a newer home make sure you don’t already have a sump pump installed. If you still have a problem then a sump pump is right for you.

How is a sump pump installed?

Usually a large slab of concrete is removed from the base of your home. A large percentage of soil is also removed from underneath you’re home. Then drain tiles, gravel, and a pit is installed in place of the concrete.

How much does it cost?

A professional normally charges around $2500 to $5000 for a sump pump installation. This being a reasonable price in comparison to the loss of value, and measure of damage of your home without the placement of a sump pump.

What are some ways to prepare for a sump pump installation?

You might be able to find the answer to this by inquiring with a local buildings codes office. This being that usually these things are recorded upon installation and stored into files. Think about how you may prefer your concrete to be removed being different tools may do better or worse jobs. Make inquiries about the tools to the installers being some installers will not use certain types of tools.

Will a sump pump be guaranteed to eliminate the flooding problem?

In most cases yes it will, but it depends on how serious your problem is. A sump pump gives water an alternate place to go other then straight up into your basement. In extreme conditions this may only lessen the issue to something less threatening for your home.


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